Barangay Intelligence Network’s creation

Governor Lilia Pineda is keen in the creation of the “Barangay Intelligence Network,” an anti-crime network which will further improve and maintain the province’s peace and order.

The Barangay Intelligence Network is composed of highly trained volunteers which will be part of Pampanga’s security forces. These volunteers then will undergo training on intelligence gathering, basic public safety, among others.

“The creation of the network is to address the short number of policemen in our area wherein it is our initiative, in the part of the provincial government, to provide safety and peace among us Kapampangans,” said Pineda.

The present status of personnel in the Provincial Police Office  reached more than 1000 strong police only which is low, knowing that the ratio is a policeman for every ten persons.

“We went down to the barangay level for this is the smallest core group in a society, and barangay officials must also do their share on the fight against criminality,” the governor added.

– Mariz Hernandez (

Author: Central Focus Staff

Guest Contributor at Central Focus Online

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